Online course for domestic violence

Dear all,

I have really enjoyed reading this discussion board. I feel like this forum is one of rare examples of a good community of practice. I was happy to get to know that  Tom was inspired by the concept of community of practice.  I was impressed by Wenger's book and tried to apply the concept of community of practice with my colleagues only to be failed. Now, here I am to learn Articulate, suddenly realized that this discussion board is very practical and can feel the sense of community of practice.

Anyhow, the reason why I am writing this post is to ask your opinions and seek some ideas.

I am supposed to create an on-line course for domestic violence and stalking.

Most of the current online course for this subject is either one-hour long video or text-based information-driven course.

You can find this kind of format with the following url. - video only.. - text-based

I would like to make a better course with stand-alone Quizmaker or Articulate.

Thus, I would like to hear some interesting ideas or resources (layout visual aids etc)

Any type of input is welcomed.

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Sammy Hwang

Kayla/ It was a great example. Let me take a look at other examples, too.

Brandy/ I saw some interesting interactions in the work that you recommended. I was wondering how to achieve a rollover effect in quizmaker?? It was a good example. Thanks.

Lain/ I totally agree with you, man.

Two more questions after I saw Brandy's example.

How to achieve rollover effects in articulate?

When you put the cursor on images, the related text information or a bigger image appears. 

How do you do that inarticulate? Any thoughts?

Thanks,  Kayla, Brandy, lain.

Kayla Burtch

Unfortunately it is not possible to create rollover affects in articulate quizmaker or presenter without having some flash programming skills which I do not.

You can do something SIMILAR by using hyperlinks that make the information "appear" when clicked. Then hiding those slides in the navigation panel (to the user it would like like all one slide)

Try this tutorial

However you can't make it appear by "rolling over" it has to involve clicking. However, I find that using presenters annotation features helps to make it obvious to the user when to click. As illustrated in this tutorial.

Hope that helps. If you know flash or have a flash developer you can add flash rollover buttons as mentioned in this forum post but that is way over my head.

- Kayla

Bruce Graham

For me, (and I apologise, I have not looked at any of the examples mentioned in this thread...), a subject like this immediately suggests a "victim-centric" approach.

Talk about the effects of stalking, the effects of domestic violence, SHOW the effects (as mentioned above). It should also reflect the realitites - getting the imagery and % correct for the behaviour as exhibited by BOTH males and females.

I am no expert in the field, and have not thought about this much, however, it would also suggest a LOT of visuals rather than words.

You could use David's RSI Techniques to great effect here - for showing victim images, and asking learners to decide what the penalty is for inflicting the wound/damage to the victim.

To achieve the learning, make people think and reflect.

In my "other life" as a close-up magician I have one trick I perform that can be so powerful people literally sit in silence after it - I am not looking for applause or delight. I have to choose my audience/helper very carefully. At the end, stunned silence is good. I just thank them, and leave them to reflect on what they have just seen, and everyone else get's their "entertainment" from the reactions generated from them and everyone else around them, (which itself reduces the tension...). 

Perhaps that is the sort of emotional reaction you want to try and get here, whilst maintaining an appreciation of well-designed learning principles?

Good luck.


Phil Guertin

Sami / Kayla

Without using Flash you can get an effect similar to Lain's idea using Quizmaker.  You can layer multiple images of the same individual in various states of distress and then animate their appeance using fade in / fade out and then stagger them in the time line.  Insert it as a survey quiz using your presentation background and it will appear as just another slide.

Kimberly Matson

Sami - I realize I am late to this forum; however, hope you get this message.  A suggestion for a domestic violence video.... "Breaking Pieces" - Cached  I have seen countless people brought to tears at the opening of trainings with this video.

Best - Kimberly