Online LMS/School Options for Storyline

I consider myself both an ID and an eLearning developer, but I have limited experience with what happens after the published Storyline course leaves my hands. I am often contacted by professionals in the self-help industry who want to deliver their materials via eLearning and look to me to counsel them on affordable, scalable delivery options. Does Storyline integrate into sites such as Teachable, or is there an easy way to set up something for paid participants on a website without an LMS? Are there other options I haven't considered (as in, I don't know what I don't know)? Thanks in advance. 

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Matthew Bibby

Integration with Teachable isn't possible as it isn't SCORM or Tin Can compliant.

But if these clients have existing Wordpress websites (very possible) then you could look at integrating something like LearnDash. You'll need some web dev skills to do that or you could work with someone else to make it happen (e.g. Uncanny Owl).

There are also ways to host web published Storyline content behind membership type plugins on Wordpress sites, but you'll lose the ability to track completion etc. 

Alternatively, you could use a hosted LMS such as Talent LMS (cheap and easy). But you'll want to do your research, as there are lots of LMS options with different features and price points. There is no "one size fits all" solution, unfortunately.

Feel free to reach out if you want to discuss more.

Matthew Bibby

Thousands. They have a pricing page on their website that says development costs for a Wordpress eLearning website are typically around $7500 - $10,000.

A basic LearnDash integration isn't overly complex to set up. But there is a lot to consider and depending on your client's needs you may need to purchase some of the different plugins etc. that Uncanny Owl would include in their sites.

It may be a better option to integrate a different LMS with your client's websites. For example, I used Litmos with a client a couple of years ago. It's integrated with their website in that you can purchase courses via their site (with $$$'s either being processed via Stripe or Paypal or via a more direct bank integration which reduces transaction fees). But users log in to Litmos to view the courses rather than viewing them directly on the website. The integration works well and doesn't come with the ongoing updates and maintenance costs that something like Learndash would. But it does of course take time and know how to set up initially and configure for their needs.

But it all comes at a price! Litmos is $8.50 per user, per month if you have between 50-150 users. But that's a known fee that can be accounted for when determining the price of a course for the end user. 

So lots to consider. The first step is to figure out what features your clients actually need. And of course what kind of budget they have to work with. 

Christy Tucker

Building on what Matt said, if these clients are technical enough, they can get a Wordpress LMS plugin like LearnDash or LifterLMS running with an LRS and other plugins for under $1000, maybe even under $500.

Some companies will do basic LearnDash setup for cheaper than Uncanny Owl. If you need a lot of custom development, Uncanny Owl is probably a good choice, but a lot of single experts who want to sell content just need a basic site.

WisdmLabs has a LearnDash site setup with different levels of customization. The lowest tier package is $499. That should be within reach for the market you mentioned.