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Meg Bertapelle

haven't tried that - I tried using the Adobe Captivate Reviewer - not so good (although might be seeing improvements next time around, we'll see).  What about publishing as a swf & embedding in a PDF portfolio? you can allow comments and all kinds of stuff when you publish.  then you host on a share or ftp site - or even Acrobat.com - and they can all access the same doc.

good luck!

Bob S

Hi Meg,

PDF Portfolio... really interesting idea. I've never done that with a swf.

The hosting on some sort of shared access site is going to be unavoidable I think. But capturing the feedback in a convenient form was the hurdle in my mind. The pdf idea could be just the key, though the feedback still wouldn't be linked to a particular slide/topic.

Might be a super cheap option that gives us much of what we want. Thanks!

Meg Bertapelle

you could also provide the slide images within the PDF portfolio - and ppl can comment directly on them... does Articulate export to a word version with screenshots & slide note text? if it's using PPT, then you'd have the "handout" option, or even the notes pages.  I don't actually use Articulate yet (hopefully soon! budget negotiation has begun), so can't steer you there, but if all else fails, you can do screenshots & add them to the PDF.

Bob S


Of all the wonderful things about Articulate (and there are lots!), the print to Word options are an area I wish was improved. It provides a storyboard option which does not match the way interactions print out.

So you are right, snagging screenshots and placing each on a feedback page with room to write could be an option.... just  a bit cumbersome. Again though, could work and pretty darn cheap to boot if we are willing to put in the elbow grease.