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Steven Leibensperger

I recently recorded a movie on my iPhone but needed to have the file converted to work on our systems at work.  Because of security restrictions, I couldn't download anything to my PC.

Here are two other options that are not only free, but are online (no need to download any software).  I'm pretty sure you can do both video and audio formats.

You Convert It

Convert Files

cloyd concepcion

Dave Newgass said:


I have an audio file from a Mac that is a .mov file that I need converted to a .wav or MP3.  Are there any online tools or free tools out there that can do this?

Thanks for the help!



Hey Dave,

If you dont want  to download  any audio converter tools out there,there's a free Online Converter Tools You may want to try this one http://convertaudioonline.com its free! and I've always use this whenever i convert my audio files.Hope it can help you.