Opinions Needed: Lightweight Page Layout Program?

Sep 28, 2012

Hello Heroes,

A recent post here got me to thinking again about a gap in our software toolset... a lightweight page layout program.

Our needs are far below Quark and PageMaker (thank god... both were brutal learning curves in the past), but don't really like MS Publisher. Getting tired of forcing Word or Acrobat to do things they aren't meant for.

So...  any suggestions for lightweight page layout programs for things like job aids, short newsletters, etc?



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Bob S

Thanks all for the suggestions and templates!

Look and feel are a big deal here and most things we produce have to done with full-bleed printing vs laser copies for example. However, the content itself is not overly complex in most cases. Hence the need for page layout / DTP solution but light duty.

We wil revisit some of the suggestions here and see if we can't find a way to make them work.

Thanks again,


Steve Flowers

Hi, Bob -

I like Adobe inDesign but you're looking at another learning curve and relatively steep pricing. Have you looked at the open source Scribus? 


Corel also has a DTP program called Ventura but it's spendy. 


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