Opinions on how to display instructions on a slide?

Hi:  Is there any standard where to place instructions on a slide?

I advocate placing instructions on the lower left in italics and a smaller font. Others advocate larger, bolder, centered fonts or underneath the heading.

I feel there is a difference between instructions (essential to the slide) vs. tips which are ancillary and enhance the content.

Thank you in advance.


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Donna Carter

Hi Debra

I don't think that there is one right way to display instructions.  Variable such as real-estate,  etc. usually dictate where the instructions are placed as well as the size of the font.  Regarding tips, you can create a button labeled tips that goes to a layer with the actual content, so that it is hidden until the user wants to see it, or markers are also a good way to display tips.  Hope this helps.

Trina Rimmer

Hi Debra. I agree with Donna on the instructions. I don't think there's a standard, per se, as e-learning layouts can vary pretty wildly. That being said, I think the styling of the instructions—the use of italics or a specific accent color, for instance—can help visually prompt learners to take action. It might be worthwhile to spend some time developing an e-learning style guide for things like instructions, tips, etc. so they're formatted somewhat consistently across courses or across a curriculum. 

Phil Mayor

If you are going to add instructions their placement should be consistent.  I sit firmly in the camp where I believe that well designed interactions should not need explanation, if you design your interactive elements correctly it should be obvious what can be interacted with and what cannot.