Options for editing characters?

Hi, all.

I'm in the process of choosing characters for a Storyline 360 module and am a little frustrated with the character options, as they do not line up with my client's expectations.  The characters need to be racially/ethnically diverse, suitably attired for the client's company (corporate, not biz casual) and the client does not like the illustrated options, just the photographic ones.

For example, the client likes Vicki, but would like to use poses where Vicki has her suit jacket on for a more corporate look.  (I agree with the client that that is important for this character).  However, every single pose with Vicki-in-a-suit-jacket, she's holding her cell phone!

So then Rhonda was the client's second choice.  Cool, Rhonda's outfit includes a suit jacket in every pose.  But then we looked through the poses and...75% of them have her doing something ridiculous with her arms and/or facial expression.

I've done a search on this site for editing characters, and the photographic characters have fewer editing options.  My search tells me that even editing characters in a third party app is not possible.

Am I pretty much out of luck?  Is there more recent information/options that I don't know about?


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Nancy Woinoski

Hi Diane, the characters are not meant to be edited. Some people were able to edit the illustrated characters years ago but it was a complicated and time-consuming process. I am not even sure if the methods they used would work any longer with the characters in Articulate 360.

If you want something more specific than what is on offer you might have to go elsewhere to find images. One option is https://elearningart.com/characters/business/ 

Personally, I find a lot of the poses here are still cheesy but there are more options so you might find something that works better for you.