Options for Exporting Variables?

Jul 15, 2013

I have a friend with a small business and we were discussing StoryLine recently during poker night. After we both lost our chips, I booted up my computer & showed him a few examples of the work others have done and a few of my own projects that are in progress. He loved the educational side but was curious to know if he could easily export any variables that might be captured or set as part of a StoryLine "form". As he does not have an LMS, I wasn't sure what other options he might have.

Thoughts? Suggestions? Similar experiences?

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Jerson  Campos

Here is an excerpt from a support page  on how to use Javascript to export variables.  

  • Use the player.GetVar method to retrieve the value of Storyline variables, and use the player.SetVar method to set the value of a Storyline variable. In other words, you can pull information from Storyline variables with player.GetVar and push information into Storyline variables with player.SetVar."

Here is an example how someone exported the score and user name to create a leaderboard with wordpress, javascript, and php/MySQL

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