Package SCORM in Moodle

Apr 15, 2016

Hello everyone,

I am creating my LMS plateforme with Moodle, adding Storyline SCORMs.

I would like the student to be able to start the course, meaning to play the storyline SCORM without having to open the package. I don't like the design of this package. I would like to have a screen, the student could play it straight away.

Is that possible on Moodle?

Thank you so much for your tips,

Best Regards


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G Innes

Hi Florence

I have found the SCORM activity on Moodle to be challenging.  The "Enter" button on the scorm activity is not a hyperlink and so not sure if that can be bypassed.  If you did manage to bypass it you would need to ensure the scorm data is sent back to Moodle (on my system student clicks Exit activity) or else no point in using scom at all.

You can however turn off lots of unwanted options in the scorm activity such as course structure, attempt status.  I have also found that scorm works best in current window as the pop up window is often blocked by the browser.

We are currently looking into the TinCan API instead of scorm, but early days yet.

Hope some of that helps


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