Paid Membership Pro Plugin Users Please Help

Apr 15, 2017

Has anyone here used or uses Paid Membership Pro wordpress plugin? The premium or free version?

I am thinking of becoming a paying customer of Paid Membership Pro. However, there is one thing stopping me. I want my memberships to have a monthly payment and I want the first 5 or 7 days of the membership to be a free trial. After the first 7 days is over I want the first payment to be taken, then every month. The problems is I am trying to decide between Paid Membership Pro and MemberPress. I have been watching videos for both. On the MemberPress the videos show you how to do this extremely easily. Like this:

But for whatever reason I cannot find the video or figure out how to do this simple thing on PaidMembershipPro? I would prefer to buy Paid Membership Pro instead of MemberPress because it seems to have more features and it seems to connect with more solutions I would be using. So if I could figure this one thing out it would be a great help to me.

My other concern is around their support. If you have or do use them, whats their support like? Is it only through forums or can you email them or call? I assume you can't call. The support is terrible for those that have not bought it yet. I just don't get that bit. If someone wants to try my product, and wants to ask questions, I would encourage it and allow them to email me!

Its probably something really simple I am not doing, so I may having a stupid day/week but if you know please give me the exact instructions. Thank you so much.

Can you please help me or show me a video that shows exactly that?

Thank you.


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Ryan Newman


I have :), You have no idea how much time I have spent trying to get an answer to this. I think I have my answer now. I believe it can done through a plugin. I ended up finding the solution myself. I even ended up joining a paid wordpress support company, and they were useless. In the end I found it after a lot of search. :)


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