Path animation

Apr 26, 2018

hi, I am trying to create this simple path animation, triggered by a button.

From the file attached, there are 2 animation paths, both moving to the right. When I click on the right blue button, it should trigger the first animation path, and the character moves to the middle of the screen, and when i click the right blue button again, the second animation path is triggered and the character moves to the far right hand side of the stage. 

How do i achieve that? thanks

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Will Smith

Hi John, The solution to this can be a true/false variable which controls what animation can be triggered. 

Once the button is clicked it will change the variable to true and allow the second animation to play while preventing the first from playing again.

This can be adapted for multiple animations by using more values in the variables and triggers.

I have attached a file with this solution for you to have a look at.

Hope it helps!


Kind Regards



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