Periodic Table a maze(ing) game

Jul 20, 2013

Inspired by Phil Mayor's interactive Periodic Table, I have put together this game. A work in progress and thus it only has two levels at present.

My wish list includes (i) a maze layout that changes each time game is initiated (or reset). At moment it is hard coded and also possible solution is hard coded. Since I cannot program, (ii) I have also hard coded stopwatch feature. Prepared stopwatch video in Powerpoint and exported to Storyline.  I wish my stopwatch could be activated moment doggie is moved and stopped the instant - TRY AGAIN layer appears. (iii) and my final wish is for a table of time results as each new user attempts to beat maze. Table resets each time game is initiated.  


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El Burgaluva

Hi, Alphoso

I, too, have an obsession with the Periodic Table and have been planning on doing something with it when time permits (Ha ha!) so I was very keen to see what you'd done.

The basic concept of a randomized path through a maze is genius! I love it.

However... I couldn't even get the cute little puppy to Step 1 (despite being confident I had the right answer) because every time I moved him, I got a big red TRY AGAIN message.  :(

I'll download the source file and have a look under the hood later in the week. This is a fantastic starting point and with the collective creativity on this forum, I'm sure this activity will turn out to be very engaging and challenging, indeed.

I'll definitely be keeping an eye on this thread.

All the best,


Alphonso Hendricks

Hi Leslie

Thanks for response I will make the following change: Offending element block will glow when touched by doggie that way one will know what to avoid next time around. 

PS I also included transparent barriers all around the perimeter to stop anyone taking a short cut and missing the maze altogether. You basically have to enter maze from left side only 

Harri S

Hi Alphonso,

Fantastic little game you've got there, and I especially love the solution hint button (I may well have needed it)

One thing I found a little frustrating though as a learner was the boundaries in between the elements, on more than one occasion I received the 'Try Again' message not because I had chose the wrong element but because I wasn't quite accurate enough with the dog icon. I don't know how easy this would be to amend, maybe it would be easier to make the icon smaller instead?

Hope this is useful 

Alphonso Hendricks

Thanks for all the constructive comments thus far. Harri, I have replaced large dog with small ball in updated version. This should make it easier to navigate less sensitive maze. Phil, I have still not yet had the time to implement the digital timer, but will do so soon. Leslie, let me know if you at least pass step one this time around.

As far as ensuring that maze appears different each time, I have being toying around with states. I thought of each square as a dice with six different states. the dice rolls as timeline starts and stops at some random place between 1 and 6. 

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