Personnalising the Draggable Objects in a Drag and Drop Quiz

Apr 22, 2016

Hello ! I am new with Storyline and I am about to build my first Drag and Drop Quiz. I am considering to use the Template with the Dustbin on the one side for the wrong answers and the Drawer  on the other side for the correct answers. I will propose 8 draggable objects.

Question 1 : Do you recommand to use the Template that is proposed by Storyline or would it be better if I built this screen by my self creating triggers ? The idea here is to personalise the images for each object. Is it easy to change when using the template ?

Question 2 : Would you recommand to let all the objects desappear in one target or the other and give a detailed feedback at the end when the learner clics on a submit button ? Or would you rather determine the correct target for each object so learner will not be able to drag an object on the wrong target (and in this case, no submit button) ?

Thank you for your advice. As I am a beginner with Storyline I want to learn from your  experience.



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