Pizzelle Timer

Nov 10, 2013

There are many unintentional injustices in the world today. For instance, as I was setting out to make Pizzelles the other day, I realized that none of my half dozen kitchen timers would not allow me to set a count down time of less that a full minute. I then went to my iPad. That timer too allowed nothing less that 60 seconds. The optimal time for making pizzelles in my iron and recipe is 30 seconds. Any longer than 35 seconds and the tasty Italian waffle cookie burns (and who want to eat a burnt pizzelle). As many of you are undoubtedly running into the same issue as you make your stock pile of pizzelles for the up coming holiday season, I am sharing the timer I created using none other than Storyline. Not only is it a great course development tool, but also a wonderful performance support development tool as well.


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Charles Zoffuto

Richard, the only issue with your design is that if you want to set it for lets say 35 seconds, you have type in that value each time.

Here is the redesigned timer with Richards' simplified time entry.


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