Planning an e-Learning Design Project

Mar 18, 2015


Lets say I am being asked to create a work-plan for an e-learning project. The end product is a 1 hour security compliance training. The content is ready, you just have say how long it will take to design and develop. Are there any industry standards for planning an e-learning project using Storyline 2? For example, lets plan for 30 minutes to develop each interaction and 15 minutes for each normal slide page and quiz page. So if the course will have 10 interactions, 30 normal slide pages, and 5 quiz pages... we can plan for 825 minutes/14 hours in development. Lets add 2 days onto that for designing the look and feel/template and an additional day to test the end result... so we are looking at roughly 40 hours of time/one week.

I know it all depends on the content (complexity of the interactions, etc.), but does anyone have any advice for planning the time necessary for such an e-learning project?



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Tracy Parish

Hi Mike:

Hoping some of the independant freelancers can answer that one for you.  I'm a dept of one in an organization that constantly interupts and changes priorities on me.  Tracking the time accurately for each project is one of my largest challenges.

One that I did successfully track had lots of audio voice overs, editing, and syncing to text that I had to actually recorded myselft.  There was not a lot of interaction activities within the course, so I would through it into this category (below) and that was about what it took.  More then 40 hours, less then 49 for the hour of training.

Level 1 eLearning (Basic) - Including content pages, text, graphics, perhaps simple audio, perhaps simple video, test questions. NOTE: PowerPoint-to-eLearning often falls into this category. Basically pages with assessment

49:1 - eLearning output, Rapid Development, Simple Content, Specialized Authoring Tools (i.e. PowerPoint to eLearning tools)

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