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May 02, 2013

I know someone has asked this before but I was wondering if anyone has had any success using a 3D package such as Poser? I work in Local Government in the UK and I end up buying most software myself, with the exception of Articulate Studio 09, so money is fairly tight. Buying in expertise is something I can only dream about.  I write health and safety courses and have produced 6 of them so far but getting hold of some impressive graphics remains a constant problem.

Blender is free and I've installed that but I feel it would take all of my spare time and the rest of my life to master it. I use a MacBook Pro at home and although I use Parallels for Windows I can't use iClone as it doesn't work on a virtual machine. Actual animation would be great (actually they would be fantastic) but I'm limiting my initial search for static images.

Any advice or details of other people's experiences would be really appreciated.



Derbyshire, UK

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Jerson  Campos

I like Poser, but it's not a 3D modeling software. I used it to pose human figures in some of my illustrations. You could use Poser and Blender (what I use) in combination to get realistic human figures. I admit that the learning curve for blender is pretty steep, but it gets easier once you understand the basics of 3D design and modeling. There are many videos on how to do the basic stuff for blender.

If you're looking for something out of the box that will help you produce amazing 3D models of exactly you want, sorry but that doesn't exist. You can purchase prebuilt models of some stuff (most of the free stuff is sci-fi) but getting exactly what you want is near impossible. To save time, I actually download models that are close to what I want and than modify it.

Scott Hewitt

Hi Tony,

I read your post and understand your budget but have you thought about buying in some 3d assets from something like Graphic River? There is some good 3d renders on the site that you can pick up for a few dollars. You've already mentioned Poser and Blender which are software that most people are aware of.

Other things to look at that you might just find interesting are ThinkingWorlds and OpenSimulator. I like xtranormal as well - probably not what you are looking for but good fun!

Best wishes,


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