Post-project feedback

Dec 30, 2013

Too often I turn in a project and never hear another word about it unless something stops working. I've been thinking of setting up something (google form, perhaps) that I would send to project partners after the thing is finished to get feedback for how the process worked for them, what they would recommend we do differently the next time, etc. 

Anyone do this? Anyone have a standard set of questions they ask, or can you help me brainstorm some things to ask?

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Dave Neuweiler

Katie, the best feedback I ever got was not gained by using a list of set questions. Now granted, this was feedback for instructor-led training and not e-Learning. What we did was to hand out a sheet of paper at the end of the day's training with two sentences on it:

"Tell us how today went. Please write for about two minutes."

While this was entirely open-ended, the "two-minute" proviso encouraged folks to distill their thoughts and focus on the most important aspect of the day. And by not asking questions about what was important to the trainers, the learners thought about what was important to them.

Could this approach be used to get process feedback form e-Learning production? Why not?

Just consider adding a bit more "set-up" information, since you won't  be there in person to answer any questions:

"I'm always interested in improving our production process. During the (fill in the blank) project, how did the production process work for you? Please write for about two minutes."

Happy New Year,


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