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Aug 24, 2011

I am hoping someone might have a quick answer to my problem, 

I have a office picture of a desk and computer, and someone sitting in a office chair.... How can I blend the picture of the person in the chair to appear to be sitting behind the desk???? The graphics are a PSD background and a transparent png.... 




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Jeanette Brooks

Hi Gary! If you convert the psd into a filetype that PowerPoint accepts, what you could do is insert the background onto the slide, then insert the character, then insert a duplicate of the background and use PowerPoint's cropping tools to crop it so that it reveals the character sitting behind the desk. There was a similar idea in this discussion thread. In fact, Tom even built a free interaction based on the discussion, and in this screencast he explains how it's done.

Does that help?

David Anderson

Gary - do you have Photoshop? If you don't you can convert the .psd using something like Aviary's tools.

In PowerPoint, you can apply soft edges to shapes. Now, for bitmap files, you'll probably need to fill a shape with the bitmap before you can apply the soft edges.

Here are a couple posts with Screenrs on removing backgrounds:

Removing Backgrounds in PowerPoint

Removing Backgrounds Using Masking Techniques

Once your backgrounds are removed, you can begin to blend the images.

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