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Aug 29, 2015

Hi everyone,

I'm looking to build a scenario for a workstation set up. I have several questions, that I'm hoping you might be able to help me with. 

I'd like to create a slider of a person sitting at their workstation, going from: incorrect chair set up, to correct chair set up; incorrect screen angle to correct screen angle etc. 

[1] Can I create a slider for a person sitting at their workstation eg sitting on an adjustable chair (eg of an image attached)

[2] What is the best way to do this?

[3] Do you have any suggestions of where I can find workstation images that would be suitable? 

Thank you! 


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Nicole Legault

Hi Melanie!

Thanks for the questions!

To answer your first question, YES! you can absolutely use Storyline 2 to create this slider interaction of a person sitting at their work station in various poses. 

To answer your second question on how to do this, here's a few helpful links and tutorial for how to set up a slider in Storyline 2:  

And when it comes to the third question about where to find those specific images, that I am not sure of. There are some great free stock images sites out there (Morgue File,, etc.) but I don't think any of them would have a series of images this specific ... You might want to consider a paid photo site such as iStock or the likes and buy a series of images or graphcis. Best of luck on that front!

Daniel Brigham

Hi, Mel:

Here is an older course that covers this topic, Might give you some ideas (Articulate guru winner in 2007) Office Ergonomics, Promethean Learning

As far as images, is it possible for you to shoot your own? This might be the easiest option in the end, especially if you have specific things you want the leaner to do. Co-workers usually don't mind helping out with this kind of stuff. 

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