Powerpoint animations

I'm wondering if there is a limit to the number of animations that can be attached to a textbox on a slide? I had three and put a fourth on with a trigger and could not get the trigger to work except at the very beginning of the slide's animation series. I want the trigger to work anytime it is clicked. I got around it for now by copying the text box and putting it directly over the other one. They are both off screen and the animation is a line slide into the picture upon clicking the various triggers. Any help MUCH appreciated.

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Nicole Legault

Hey there Sylvia!

Thanks for posting your question, sorry that you're running into the issue!

At this time Presenter '13 does not support on-click animations. You can check out this forum thread on that topic.

You can also check out this page all about Supported Animations in Presenter 13 if you have additional questions or want more info about what is supported.

Hope this helps, and I hope this answers your question! Let us know if you have additional questions