PowerPoint: Question about interactions in tutorial


I found this Articulate tutorial on creating interactions in PowerPoint and I liked it very much. I followed along very closely and tried to mimic his steps. The one area that is troubling me is how to add content after copying the master slide template for each tab. I can edit and add text to the master slide, but once I close it and go to other slides nothing happens. I can"t  add or change anything. Can someone give some advice on what to do?

Thank you

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Tom Kuhlmann

Hello Kandice,

I can help you. I am not quite sure what you're asking, so if my answer isn't right, let me know.

Once you build the layout in the master slide, that layout needs to be applied to the slides that make up the template. Once, you have the layouts applied, adding content in specific to that slide. So you just add it to the slide. 

The only content I'd add to the master slide is the content that is pervasive and visible on all the slides for the interaction. For example, I'd add the tab text on the master slide since all of the tabs will have the same text.

Let me know if you have more detailed questions. 

Kandice Kidd

Hi Tom,

Thanks for getting back to me. This is exactly what I did, but when I tried to add content to any of the slides other than the master I was unable to do so.  None of the slides would let me add text, etc.  

For example, I created the layout, etc. and the steps that I wanted to explore in each slide-step 1- step 4 on the master slide. However, when I went to the step 1 slide, I couldn't add any information. Is there something I might have done in the set up?

Thank you!