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Natalia Mueller

Thanks guys! If anyone is interested, I was inspired by one of the Guru winners, Diabesity. I'm always questing for ways to display text without bullet points and I really like one of their screens where a pointer moves like a clock hand and points to each block of text. I took something from each of you and got what I was looking for.

I doubled the length of my pointer and made the bottom half transparent. 

Duplicated it five times

Positioned each one to be pointing at the next line of text

Used Appear and Disappear so I can move the pointer on a click

I'm willing to best there is a faster way, but I'm just happy I got to point B.

Natalia Mueller

Actually, I made a mistake. The Diabesity training is excellent and I definitely got a lot of great ideas from it, but the training that included the pointer I've been talking about is this one.    http://elearning-examples.s3.amazonaws.com/motivating/player.html

There are so many great elements to there. Check it out if you haven't seen it already. And the animated pointer is in the very beginning.