Dec 28, 2011

In publishing my project, I just notice a file extension I hadn't noticed before.  May have been there, but don't believe I've seen it.  It is a (.pptm) file that has it's type noted as a Microsoft Office PowerPoint Macro-Enabled Presentation.  It has an icon that looks like a PowerPoint symbol with a yellow and black exclamation mark on it also.  When the .pptm file opens, it has all the slides, etc. that are in my .ppta file, but the size is only about 5% as big as the original .ppta file.  Is this just a file that has only links or macros going out and getting what it needs to run from other parts of the folder or what can you tell me about this .pptm file?

The disturbing thing is now that this file is in my folder, whenever I try to open the .ppta file, it doesn't open, but the .pptm file does.  No matter what I try to do to get the .ppta file to open.  Have I lost it...... or is this something new and exciting that I should be happy it has come about?  Thanks.

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Phil Mayor

The M is for macro enabled presentation, looks like your security settings are not enabling this to load and disabling some of the functionality of powerpoint.

The ppta file will only ever open ppt and the associated ppt file (your pptm file) there are no differences to a pptm file apart from having macros in them, you can always save as a pptx file to disable macros

Vicki Frucci

Thanks Phil,   BTW.... nice hair! 

So, does this mean my  interactivities won't run or is it the macros in PowerPoint that won't run and PowerPoint (whether using it in Articulate or not) in general won't run?

I guess my question is, so if I just go with the .pptm, knowing some macros may be disabled, what is the risk of just going on as is?  Is it something detrimental to all my PowerPoint presentations and I need to get the IT people involved or is it just something that happens upon occasion?


Tanya Samuels

My question regarding this is I don't remember selecting pptm when I saved the file. It seemed to have automatically selected it. I'm not sure I know what a macro is. I didn't knowingly create a macro. Are animations considered macros? Or I added flash movies in articulate-are these macros?

I also have the yellow & black exclamation warning symbol on the file. I feel it's warning me of something but I don't know what. I do know that when I try to view the file in Slide Show view, it doesn't work. I just get a blank screen. I'm wondering is that option disabled when .pptm is selected.

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