Pre-Assessment in Rise

I want to create a pre-assessment that would tell learners what sections in my course they could skip due to having a really good background in that subject. I've heard about others bringing in Storyline elements to get more advanced functionality. Is this a situation where you have to use a Storyline element to get customized feedback or is there a way to do this with Rise's quiz tool?

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Allison LaMotte

Hi Andrew,

Are you wanting to give them customized feedback after each answer? Or do you mean at the end of the quiz, based on their answers? If the former, then yes you can do that. If the latter, then you're correct, you'd want to build something custom in Storyline and insert it in a blocks lesson in Rise.

Nigel Andrews

Allison, is there a way to lock this down so that they are offered the option of attempting a pre-assessment and if they pass, it takes them to the end but if they fail, we force them to go through the content and offers another assessment at the end?  

I've tried a few things with buttons but UX is not great.

Martin Duthie

Having a pre-assessment in Rise is something I'd love to see also. Using Storyline component is not an ideal solution as it doesnt dynamically eliminate any RISE content that you have an awareness of. 

Will RISE allow the use of variables and triggers somewhere down the line to be able to offer functionallity of this type?

Robert Gadaleta

Ok, so if your Rise project (SCO) design looks something like this...

-Pretest (Quiz)



...and you want to track SCORM completion with successful attempt at the pretest - OR - completion of the lesson(s) if the pretest is failed, follow these SIMPLE steps:

1. Publish your project using SCORM 1.2 (havent tested 2004) Track Using Quiz Result, and the Complete/Incomplete reporting type.

2. Unzip your SCORM package and navigate to the "/scormcontent/index.html" file and open it for editing. Open with Notepad in Windows for simplicity.

3. In the index file, search for "var quizID" and then copy the unique ID including the quotes. Example: "pZ_Bl06cx0D_t9hkEZnxaN35KGkgTy7b"

4. Search the index file for "function finish(totalProgress)" and paste the copied quiz ID over the "null". Example: quizId === "pZ_Bl06cx0D_t9hkEZnxaN35KGkgTy7b" &&

5. Rezip your SCORM package and test on your LMS. 

This discovered functionality allows your learner's to "test out" of any SCO for competency-based learning. 

Remember, you can compile multiple Rise projects (SCOs) into a multi-sco package if you are comfortable with the manifest file.

It would be great if this functionality was possible through the Rise frontend configuration. 

Dale O'Toole

Hi, is there any updates on whether pre-assessments and then linking to specific topics/content based on their responses is on the roadmap at all?

I have just discovered that Chamelon Creator supports this feature, and due to the importance of this requirement for us, we're going to consider switching to Chameleon (not a Storyline replacement at all, but very similar to Rise).

However, I really hope this is something Articulate can build into Rise soon.

Sarah Hodge

Hi Dale! I can totally see how this feature is really important, so thank you for following up. As of now, you can insert a text hyperlink in the Incorrect Answer feedback area by highlighting the text and selecting Insert Link. There, you can insert a link to a web page resource, but there isn't a way to hyperlink to another lesson in the same course. 

If you want learners to go to a specific lesson depending on their total score, I would suggest adding buttons like Trina does in this Rise 360 course

If you're looking to do something different, you can also see what is currently on our Rise 360 feature roadmap. Linking to lessons in the same course is not on the list at this time, but that would make a great feature request!