Presenters Using Rise and Storyline for ILT

Hi all, 

I was wondering if the community might be willing to share insights and expertise regarding the use of Rise and Storyline as ILT presenters' tools. My organization wants to convert ILT PowerPoints into tutorials and use the tutorials as presenters' tools in place of PowerPoint. My concern is that when an instructor walks through a tutorial it's different than when the self-directed learner goes through the tutorial and creates there own learning experiences. I'm just wondering if anyone might be able to speak to this or offer some resources that might help me provide direction to the organization. I did attend the two recent e-Learning webinars about turning PPs into Rise tutorials and recreating ILT experiences in WBTs. 

Thanks, Amy

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Judy Nollet

Hi, Amy,

I have used Storyline instead of PowerPoint for presenting. What's nice about using a "course" for the presentation is that it can include interactions and provide quick access to the Menu via a Player tab. So, in some cases at least, it can be easier to use than PowerPoint.

However, Storyline and Rise don't have the Presenter options that PowerPoint does. For example, while you can include Notes in Storyline, you can't see those unless you also make them visible to attendees. 

Also keep in mind that a published Articulate course includes many files. If you put a course (aka presentation) on a web-server, then you could give the presenter a direct URL to the file that launches the course. Otherwise, if the course needs to be on their laptop, they have to be comfortable finding and clicking the correct file to launch it (e.g., the story.html file).