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Dec 13, 2017

There is a large amount of forum discussion covering ELearning matters.  So to move to another paradigm, I would like to explain how I use Storyline as a product promotion tool, the ELearning model doesn't feature at all for me!  Perhaps this blog will raise some interest in other areas and even provide useful tips for me as well.  

My objective was to allow the user to quickly identify what they wanted to know about our products and applications without having to start at slide 1 and work their way through many slides to find the relevant information.   We focused on "minimal clicks" to get to an answer.

I initially modeled the idea using PowerPoint and while it proved the concept, PowerPoint lacks the features provided in StoryLine.  I was attracted to StoryLine due to its features and out-of-the-box format, not requiring extensive scripting or programming knowledge.    We have ended up with a 400 slide system, which has proved very popular with our users.  The attached jpg shows the high level structure plus typical slide details.  

Perhaps others have gone down a similar road and could share some thoughts on alternative applications for StoryLine?

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