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Feb 12, 2014

Hello all,

I am brand spanking new to the site and world of Elearning/Articulate but very excited with the site and the level of professional development, and the willingness to share/learn/teach and INSPIRE!

I am a firefighter by trade that has been tasked a while back to help with the powerpoints we use regularly for training. Since  then I have recognized how much I enjoy the educational side of my career and creating interesting powerpoints.

I am currently working on putting a portfolio together (Sloooooowly but surely) of cool designs.and animations.

I come to you all to ask for assistance with a project I am working on for fun "10 Facts about Florida"

I am having difficulty getting text to show up clear over a background picture.

The idea was to have a beach slide (background) with animated  suntan lotion squeezed from a bottle unto the screen. Next an animated hand would scribble through the lotion (The text letters exhibiting the look of the background would give the effect of the finger writing in the suntan lotion)

Anyone interested in seeing the rest of the presentation just let me know. 4 of the 10 facts are mostly completed already. I am willing to work with anyone if they wanted to collab on the project with me or take suggestions.

Looking forward to working and learning with all of you.

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Natalia Mueller

Hi Dino! Welcome to the community!

I really only had a few minutes over lunch to take a pass at this so it is NOT polished by any means. I wanted to share it though because it may lead to some other ideas.

I copied your beach background pic to my clipboard and then used picture fill > from clipboard to pull it into the text. Then messed with the x/y axis to get it in place

I used a zig zag motion path on the arm for a quick writing simulation. 

Some timing tweaks and maybe a custom motion path could get that looking cleaner. 

If you really want more control animating the text, possibly have each letter in a separate text box. 

Anyway, I look forward to seeing your around the forums!



Dino Bogie

Hello Natalia,

Thanks very much for taking the time to review my ppt. (By the way my wife is in love with your Animal around the world presentation!!!)

I am looking to have the text the same as the back ground. But I am starting to think this isn't possible with a background.

The task I was trying to accomplish can be accomplished by

-adding text, removing borders, Filling with white, cutting the text, using special paste as png, and adding the background behind the text.

The above way seems to only work if the background is white :(

(on another note I am testing the articulate through the trial period. It seems animations created prior to importing the ppt file into articulate will not carry over and would have to be created again) Is that an accurate summary?

Cynthia Albergo


I am at a basic level with Storyline.  I am would like to use the previous and next buttons built into the player but I do not want the user to advance to the next slide until the timeline/audio is complete. Can anyone tell me how to do that?

Since I can't figure out how to do that I did a work around and put in my own button for the next function and added triggers.

Is that the only way to do this?

Kindest regards,


Alphonso Hendricks


Natalia's handwritten text is the same as the background. You responded with "I am looking to have the text the same as the back ground" and so I'm not understanding.

For my benefit, please explain one more time what it is that you seek help with. 


as far as I know, adding your own NEXT button that only appears when timeline ends - is the way to go. 

Natalia Mueller

Hi Dino,

I'm glad your wife enjoyed my presentation.

Did you take a look at the ppt I uploaded? I did some of the things you were asking about.

Regarding your animations, Storyline does not currently support all (many) ppt animations. If you want to use them in Storyline, you will need to either simplify to the animations included OR use a work around to save the ppt as a video and insert into Storyline that way. 

Community member, Stephanie Harnett made a screenr to demonstrate.


You may want to start your own thread and title. You will get more responses that way.

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