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Rodrigo Barreira

Hi !!! I personally like to install the tool that I am going to use in one of my hosting services contracted on the Internet, so I am sure that there are no "third parties" that access my data, nor do I have to depend on a third party.
For example, a free application very easy to install that I use is https://collabtive.o-dyn.de/

Best regards.

Julie Frank

I'm not able to download any third party apps for project management. I have only an Excel spreadsheet that I use to track milestones and review. What you're basically seeing here is:

red = intake meetings (info gathering/review of old training)

yellow = development (testing, verification, etc)

green = deployment (LMS loading - typically a two week process to make sure everything gets wrapped and loaded properly)

blue = evaluation (review UX and other data/prep for annual review - gather stakeholders and owners)

Within this, I've been developing checklists at each gate to make sure nothing gets missed.

I really wish Articulate would integrate some PM tools... ahem, ahem... in a future update! I am sure we have a lot of ideas to contribute. I have so many moving pieces with my team and clients.