Publish Settings for Cornerstone On Demand

Hi All,

My question is regarding how Storyline course complete/quiz results are displayed and updated in Cornerstone On Demand.

We have a course with a quiz. The passing score is set at 80% on the results slide in Storyline. On the results slide, we have a submit results trigger and a course complete trigger.

We'd like quiz results to update on repeat attempts, even after the course has been marked "Completed" in the LMS. Right now, once the course is marked "Completed" the score stops updating. 

Currently, if the learner scores 80% and passes the quiz, the LMS reports the course as "Completed" with a score of 80%. That's great, but if the learner repeats the course and scores 90%, the LMS doesn't update with the higher score. 

Currently, our LMS displays attempt results like this:

  • Attempt #1: Storyline: score 0%, quiz failed // LMS status: “In Progress”, Score “0%”
  • Attempt #2: Storyline: score 40%, quiz failed // LMS status: “In Progress”, Score “40%”
  • Attempt #3: Storyline: score 80%, quiz passed // LMS status: “Completed”, Score “80%”
  • Attempt #4: Storyline: score 100%, quiz passed // LMS status: “Completed”, Score “80%” (NOT UPDATED)

What publish/reporting/tracking settings would you recommend to achieve these results:

  • Always record score
  • Always update score with highest score
  • Mark complete regardless of pass or fail
  • Show on Storyline results slide: score & pass or fail layer
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Judy Nollet

My guess is that settings would have to be adjusted in Cornerstone to allow a score to change after a course is completed. But I'm not an LMS expert, so I'm not sure if Cornerstone allows that.

You might want to add a note to your "Success" layer telling the user that if they want to raise their score, they have to re-take the test before they exit the course. 

BTW, unless a quiz is quite long, I usually require a score of 100% to pass. An opening slide tells the users that they'll need a perfect score -- which provides a little more motivation to pay attention. And when they do get 100%, I hide the "Retry Quiz" button.

Niels Myrner

Thanks for your response Judy!

I think you're right. This is a setting on Cornerstone. If the learner clicks "Request" rather than "Launch" on the LMS, and the course is set to allow recurrence, results are overwritten regardless of completion status.

I like your idea for the success layer!

It would be great if we could set up Cornerstone to automatically overwrite previous attempts on repeat...

Niels Myrner

Hi John,

Cornerstone continues to update the learner's score until the course is marked "completed" after which Cornerstone seals that "assignment" for the user.

To get the score to update after a course is marked "completed" you can reassign the course with a dynamically recurring learning assignment or allow the learner to request the training more than once.

I hope that helps!