I am developing some courses on contract and the company would like that I develop the course and leave it to their web administrator to upload onto the website. If I download the course on a flash disk, tell me how to guide the web Administrator to upload the course on to the company's website?

Alternatively, what is your advise taking into account that I am hired to develop the course from an external computer/external articulate software and the company is reluctant to give the server details or even a username and password for me to upload the course on to their website. It's actually my problem to get it done because I sold the idea of e learning to the company and I got to make it work at their terms.

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Jerson  Campos

In my opinion it isn't your problem. They have decided to take care of the upload themselves. Your part of the contract is to produce the course from what I see. But to avoid and frustration on either side, I would ask what format/specificaitons they require. You should ask the web admin this question. Let them know what format you can produce it in and ask them which they prefer. What program are you using? I know Storyline can output to an .html file. I should be pretty easy to copy the code in there that is neccessary to display the course and integrate it into their website.

Bruce Graham


Either you, or they, should be able to find everything required from here.

Saying that, your responsibility is to produce content that works for them, so you DO have to have had a conversation around the format required, whether it be Web, SCORM, AICC, Tin Can API. If it's to be SCORM you need to have discussed the basis on when the SCORM triggers are fired, in terms of "Completed/Incomplete" etc.

I seldom if ever have access to servers, however I ALWAYS have deep conversations around the requirements they have.