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Nicole Legault


This is an interesting topic. Every time I've seen courses developed they usually start with raw source materials like books, PDF, activities guides, and other written content that needs to be sifted through and sorted to identify the best content for the specific course and it's learning objectives. This raw content comes from a variety of sources including from around the workplace, from inside people's brains, the internet, books.  I've never seen anyone selling the "raw content", only the final e-learning product.

I think your best bet here is to use books and the internet to find the source content you're looking for to create this project, but I would be interested in hearing from other community members on if they think there's another way or different approach. 

Good luck!

Bob S

Hi Tom,

I echo Nicole's thoughts... Sourcing only raw content is fairly uncommon. 

That being said, if that's your plan than the only thing I can suggest may be starting with some business thought-leader organizations such as Bersin & Associates et al.  Though I am not sure if even with a membership with them you can directly lift the content to repurpose into an e-learning package; you will want to check the usage agreements carefully.

Hope this helps and good luck.

Ralf  Baum

I'll agree with Nicole and Bob. From my perspective it is possible to buy source files (just a question of money) but I have never heard that a company sells  raw files.

@Tom: Maybe it is a question of definition. What are "raw files"? Do you think about a complete storyboard? Or is it a bundle of pdfs, ppts etc. with information?