Pushing Score Variable to LMS

Hello everyone, 

Need your help in my Storyline 3 project. I have tried different approaches based on the suggestions listed in this site's forum. I wanted to create a customized quiz and upload it my LMS so students can access it, take it and record the score. 

1st Trial: I  created a customized quiz (see attached: "1st Trial") and created a variable that will serve as the counter for the Quiz Score.  The name of the variable "Score".  You'll see two slides with 4 layers on each. On those layers are my questions and whenever they click the correct picture the variable "Score" should increment by "1". I have read some discussions here on pushing the score variable to LMS, but mine is not working. I have followed the instructions using the link below:



2nd Trial: Attempted to use Javascript, but got challenge in understanding the codes, so did not push thru with this.

3nd Trial: Using a freeform- pick one type of question

As suggested by Crystal Horn in my previous post (https://community.articulate.com/discussions/articulate-storyline/pushing-score-variable-to-lms), I used a freeform question slide (pick one type), separate my questions in individual slides, disabled the feedback layers and tried to upload it in my LMS. The score is now saved in my reports tab, but in percentage (I wanted the raw score, if possible). I can say it's working (see attached file: 2nd Trial)


Now, I have another challenge, I do have 100+ questions and that means need to separate it in individual slides. Attached is a recorded video which is actually working and I don't know how the previous developer made this. This is how I want my output to appear in my LMS. (that the reason why I used layers in my Storyline's file "1st trial" because I'm using almost the same hotspot image)

I hope someone can help me on this since I'm a new user of Storyline.

Looking forward to your feedback. Thank you. 

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