Pushing Score Variable to LMS

Hello everyone, 

Need your help in my Storyline 3 project.

I created a customized quiz and created a variable that will serve as the counter for the Quiz Score. The name of the variable "Score". I have read some discussions here on pushing the score variable to LMS, but mine is not working. I have followed the instructions using the link below:


I have attached a sample file. You'll see two slides with 4 layers on each. On those layers are my questions and whenever they click the correct picture the variable "score" should increment by "1".

Since I am new to Storyline, I am really having a hard time looking for possible ways to push my score to LMS.

Looking forward to your feedback.



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Crystal Horn

Hi Marinel!  Welcome to Storyline.  😊

The method that you referenced uses prebuilt quiz slides and a results slide in order to pass that information to the learning management system.  I saw the slides that you built to collect your learner's input, and now you'll need to add at least short answer survey slide and a results slide to be able to communicate the information to the LMS using that method.

Better yet, if you are ok with tweaking the design a little, it might be much easier for you to separate your layers into individual question slides.  You could use a freeform hotspot quiz slide to ask your learners to click on each correct picture, and disable feedback so that one question flows into the next.

Quiz slides and results slides are automatically built to submit learner responses to the learning management system.  Storyline can do most of the heavy lifting for you so that you don't have to create a workaround.  Is that something you could work with instead?

Marinel Enaguas

Hi Crystal,

Thanks for the input!  I used a freeform hotspot slide (pick one type), disabled the feedback layers and tried to upload it in my LMS and it actually worked. The score is now saved in my reports tab.

Now, I have another challenge, I do have 100+ questions and that means need to separate it in individual slides. Attached is a recorded video, this is how I want my output to appear in my LMS. (that the reason why I used layers in my Storyline file)

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Wow, Marinel! Really cool design and setup! This type of custom work is a bit beyond our area of expertise (more technical support and how to with the existing feature set), but I'm certain there must be someone here in the ELH Community who could offer some more ideas and suggestions! I'd also suggest reaching out in the Building Better Courses side of ELH and see if there is anyone who can help! That side tends to focus more on custom design and how to questions.