Quantity v Quality

Jan 13, 2014

Hi there.

I've been asked to develop 30 e-learning courses this year, mostly converting existing PowerPoint content (steam engineering-related) into 20 to 40 minute online modules.

The direction (from senior management) is for quantity above quality (although quality is also important).

The time scales will limit my ability to get too creative, but I still want the content to be engaging. Can anyone offer some simple advice on creating engaging content quickly, on a tight budget, with minimal (or no) use of audio narration?

Thanks and regards,


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Nicole Legault

Hey Chris!

Awesome questions and thanks for posting here in the forums. 

I would suggest developing simple scenarios for each course to make it engaging. By making a scenario I mean creating a few basic simple characters, and putting them into a situation that your learners will be in. This is a simple way to make sure it is engaging and meaningful. Also,  if you have scenarios across all 30 you can re-use some characters (maybe) building a "relationship" with the character and making them all more cohesive. 

Also, I'd make sure to build out my master slides so you can re-use backgrounds and your templates and don't need to re-build. 

Just a few simple tips from me!! Good luck! 

Natalia Mueller

Hi Chris,

I have some that we have to turn around pretty quickly this quarter. Several of the topics certainly could be standard eLearning but we don't have the time or resources to take that route. It may not apply to you and does require audio, but for some of our topics typically delivered live by SMEs, we're planning to use Articulate Replay to create quick tutorial-style content. 

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