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Mar 03, 2016


I hope all of u are doing well.

I have question if any one can help i will be appreciated. I am using Adobe captivate to develop multiple choice question, The problem is I make all the setting and when i press play slide it's work good. but when I press play project I faced problem. 

The problem is when i move from the first question and answer it, then I move to the second question there is no highlight when i move the mouse between the answers and when i click it didn't take the answer and it is moved to the next question!! I just add 4 question and i face this problem in slide 2 and 4??


Any one know why this happen?? and what should i do?


Thanks in advance

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Christy Tucker

It might be a problem with how you copied the slides with the questions.

Can you try hiding the first and third slide, then previewing the project to see if the problem still exists with the second and fourth slides? That will help narrow down whether the problem is on those particular slides or if it's some interaction between the two.

Are you using the built-in question slides or did you create these from scratch?

Sara M


Thanks for reply.
I hide the first and third slide, the second slide goes well but the forth
slide not
I actually copied the 2nd slide and I only changed the questions and
answers , do u think the problem is due to duplication of the slide!?
I check the action in all slide its the same in the all.

Christy Tucker

Sometimes you can get some weird glitches if you copy slides, either because you missed some Advanced Action, object name, or variable that should have been adjusted or just because Captivate did something weird. In this case, it sounds like you might have Advanced Actions on slides 2 & 4 that are referring to objects on slides 1 & 3. The actions themselves might be right, but maybe they're pointing to the wrong objects. Are you using clear naming conventions so it's easy to troubleshoot? If not, that's the first thing to I would recommend.

Since it's only 2 slides, if I couldn't find it after double checking everything, I would probably just try rebuilding them from scratch to see if that fixes the problem.

However, if you want to attach the file here, I'll be happy to take a look for you and see if I can find the problem.

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