Question about Slides Viewed for Publish to LMS

Feb 06, 2014

Hello community, I have a question I cannot find the answer to.

I am creating an e-learning program for my client that needs to work on Html 5 for the IPad - the clients' LMS does not support Tin Can, so unfortunately I cannot use Articulate Mobile Player and I have to use Html 5. 

The Navigation is not locked (because locking/restricting navigation does not work on Html 5 for IPad) so the users can click on any slide in the menu at any time and jump to anywhere in the module. 

The client absolutely want the learner to watch each and every slide (from start to finish). We cant really control that on the iPAd if we leave the open menu... (which they want to keep). We are thinking that if submit completion to LMS ONLY when they have viewed every slide, this might work... BUT, with regards to reporting to an LMs, does the slide count as "viewed" as SOON as it is clicked, or is it considered viewed when you have seen the entire thing, from start to finish?

If the latter is true, does that mean they could use the menu to click through each slide, and get all slides viewed (completion status) even if they don't view the entire slide, and without completing an activity that is on a slide, for example a drag and drop?

Hopefully this makes sense. Thank you in Advance, community. 

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Mike Taylor

Hi Danika! What is the reasoning for including an 'open' menu if they want everyone to watch every slide from start to finish? If you didn't include the menu you could add a condition to the next button that would ensure they watched each slide to the end before they could advance.  You can see a couple of different ways to do set up that type of conditional navigation here

Ashlee Smith

Hello there Mike, the reason is that the course is created for both PC and Html 5 and the client wants both versions to look the same. I am slowly discovering that I may (but more than likely may not)be able to achieve that. 

Thank you for suggestion, i like it and we might end up going that way if I can convince them to drop the Menu on IPAd, 

Right now my main question is - when publishing for LMS using "Slides viewed", is a slide "Viewed" as soon as it has been visited, or is a slide "viewed" at the end of the slide's timeline (when they have seen the entire slide)?

If I can just find out this information and let my client know that would be terrific. Thanks Articulate COmmunity.

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