Question About Using Articulate for Systems Training

Oct 05, 2021

Hi everyone,

Has anyone used any of the products in the Articulate suite to conduct effective systems training? The team I'm part of is taking on a larger role in training a customer service team. These training take place virtually with a good amount of the training being on the different systems used. Our biggest challenge is that we don't have a training environment for these systems. So I'm looking to see if anyone has used the articulate suite to conduct any type of systems training. 



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Bianca Woods

Hi Steve,

That's a great question! We find a lot of people use the screen recording features in Storyline 360 to create software or system simulations. What's great about this approach is that once you've made your screen recording, Storyline 360 will do a lot of the heavy lifting of quickly converting it into an interactive experience for you.

Start by creating a screen recording of the system. Use the Record Screen button in the top ribbon of Storyline 360 and record the steps you want to simulate.

Then when you're done, insert your screen recording as step-by-step slides (this video tutorial will show you how). Choose Try Mode Steps if you just want to create a practice experience for learners or Test Mode Steps if you want to make it a test. Storyline 360 will then use the recording to build a series of interactive slides to replicate your steps. You can use them as-is or go into each slide to tweak them if needed.

Hopefully this approach will work as a fast solution for your systems training project.

Teresa Iden

As Bianca stated above, the Try Mode steps are great for systems training.  You can adjust the timing of the slides for a smoother 'video' like experience.  It records every click made and adds the call outs.  I'm working on some system training right now that requires personnel profile entry - which can sometimes span 1-3 slides.  I remove the callouts and move the screen recording and mouse click movements to the beginning of the time line, set the slide to auto advance with no controls so it essentially just shows the typing as a short few seconds.  When I'm finished with the course, I will also publish it as a video then put in Camtasia to add some "flair" and publish as a resource rather than a course.