Question Banks: Need Some Tips, Best Practices, Considerations

Mar 17, 2014

Hello Helpful Community, 

I am working on a project for a client who wants to make use of Question Banks. I have personally not worked with Question Banks that much (ever...) in the past myself, so I thought I might look to the community for some guidance, insight, expert tips.

Do you have any experiences or best practices from building Question Banks that you can share with me?

Do you usually make them random? Do you have a specific amount or ration of questions in the bank vs. questions in the quiz? Any styles of questions that work better than others? Any tips, or any problems you encountered when building/integrating QBs into your project?

Anything at all is very appreciated. I am thankful Community. ~~ Danika

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Ashley Chiasson

Hi Danika,

Check out this question bank tutorial:

Here's another: (I'll apologize now for Microsoft Kate's droning voice).

As far as best practices go, I think you should develop as many questions as possible with the content provided, and then use a 25% - 75% type of ratio (25% in the quiz, and 75% in the bank). This way, if the user needs to retake the quiz multiple times, there are still many questions available, reducing the amount of success due to memorization.

I don’t think there’s one question that works better than others, but for best practice, I would stay away from True/False, as the learner has a 50% shot of getting it correct. Ensure you vary your questions, there’s nothing worse than only having multiple choice (I get flashbacks to those bubble sheets in university…).
Some more tips:
  • Avoid multiple choice, multiple answer questions with three or more correct answers.
  • Allow users two attempts, minimum (something that can’t really be done effectively with true/false questions).
  • Avoid using negatives (e.g. “Which of the options below is not X?”)
  • Be concise.
Laura M

I just put together a training with question banks for the first time.  I created categories based on objectives and then worked with the SME to create 3-4 questions per category.  The quiz pulls 1-2 from each category, so we are able to cover all of our objectives.  It's not PERFECT, but it's working well in the piloting phase.  I'd like to get a few more questions together.  We do have the issue of a few "negative" questions, which I'm not a fan of, but I know it's tough to come up with realistic incorrect options for one question, let alone 3-4 covering the same subject.  So, it's a process.  I try to write down possible ideas for new questions whenever I think about them and then work out the details with the SME to see if it could work.  We will be providing two chances to pass the quiz with each viewing of the course and will suggest at least a week in between viewings if someone needs to re-take it.  

I use Studio and found it very easy to set everything up. 

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