Quickly Reorder Scenes in Articulate Storyline 360

Nov 14, 2023

Hey everyone - this isn't a new feature, but one that brings me so much joy! Back in the day reordering scenes in Storyline was a bit more of a production, now with the Index functionality, it's super easy! Check out a quick screencast below: 

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Robin Wooten

Oooohhh! Thanks for the tip and thanks Articulate for the update - this used to be so involved and a bit scary for me as I was always worried I would lose a whole scene. 

I'd read it had been updated, but I hadn't taken the time to explore it at all. Thanks, Ashley, for this video! It is so easy and quick! A very, very helpful hero moment!

Dorothy Heilbrunn, CPTD

It's always great to have resources available that can help us learn and improve. I remember when I was starting out in my career, it took me a while to figure out how to reorder scenes too. So, I understand how valuable it is to have a guide to follow. Thanks for sharing your video and for helping the newbies!

Sarah Hodge

Hey Jessy! Great question! The scenes in Story View might not show up in the same order when you publish them. Triggers control that, so be sure to check the triggers panel to ensure those are set to how you'd like. Also, here are a few articles on how renumbering scenes work in case you want to have a look. 

Let me know if that doesn't solve it or if you have more questions.

Jessy George

Thank you Sarah!

Those reference articles are very useful, but it is possible that Iā€™m doing something wrong because nothing has worked so far.

I found a different solution eventually - I created a new Storyline project and imported the slides/scenes in the sequence I wanted. It worked and it is not too tedious because you can import whole scenes at a time. I just had to tidy up some of the intra-scene triggers after importing, and that was all šŸ˜€