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Apr 15, 2014

Hello there!

(I tried using the search function, but it doesn't appear to be working)

does anyone have an advice or best practice for introducing a quiz/test in some e-learning content?.

I am struggling to find a "good" way to Segway to a quiz.

I find it even harder if I'm making just a quiz (it feels wrong just starting with "question 1")

thank you kindly for any advice


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Jackie Van Nice

Hi Alex,

I'm sure there must be tons of creative ways of doing it, and hopefully you'll get some great ideas here. I'll be interested to hear the answers, too!

To introduce a course-ending quiz, the standard my clients seem to like is to introduce it with a gate screen (with nice images, style, and usually a course character) happily explaining you're about to get to show what you know by taking a quiz, and explaining what score you need to pass it. The learner then gets to choose between an image/button that says "I'm ready for the quiz!" or one that says something along the lines of "Let me go back and review." Since these courses generally have free navigation, the review option normally takes them back to the main menu where they can go wherever they want to review, then navigate back to the quiz (and same gate screen) when they're ready.

Does that help at all?

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