Random number generator

Aug 08, 2018

Hi there Heros! 

I'm wanting to set up a course that offers several scenarios for the learner - but will randomize the scenarios when the selection button is clicked. Has anyone done something like this before, and if so would you be able to share with me how?

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Doug Dewan

Hi Michael, I've build the scene to pull from an randomized question bank that then jumps to a certain scene. It seems to work for the 1st of the 4 selection buttons but doesn't seem to randomize after the 1st selection. Eg: When I play the scene, I have a choice of four scenario buttons to click. When I click the 1st I get a random pull of the question bank....but when I click the 2nd, 3rd or 4th buttons it keeps pulling the same selection, it seems to get stuck on the first pull. Do I need to make 4 question banks with the same questions for each button or can I keep pulling from the same bank?

Michael Hinze

Now that I had a look at your actual file my original idea didn`t seem to make sense in this case. I slightly reorganized. Have a look at the attached and see if that`s what you wanted. You can easily add more slides to the question bank to account for each possible variation of the four variables (I only added a few for testing). 

Doug Dewan

Hi Michael, sorry to bother you again. I've been asked to see if we are able to ensure that out of the random draw, that there is always one type of each scenario in the draw. I've hit a bit of a wall in what that coding would look like.

For example, there are a total of 6 scenarios - 2 Safety, 2 security and 2 environmental. Currently the course takes a random pull of these 6 but sometimes it pulls only 2 categories and leaves out one. The ask is to ensure that out of the 6 options that one of each is always in the random draw... I think this might be a simple solution to this but I just can't seem to nail it. 

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