Random photos disappearing in Storyline

Oct 17, 2018

For some reason that I cannot determine, random photos in multiple storyline files that I've checked are disappearing. They show up in the thumbnails but don't appear on the screen and they don't appear when I preview the file. This isn't happening to all of the photos and as I've checked around, I'm seeing it happen randomly in other finished projects that I have. I've closed down my computer and the programme a couple of times. I've rearranged the photos (front and back), I've copied the photos in again only to have them disappear. Don't know what else to try. Any previous experience with this or suggestions on how to fix? Thanks!!

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Christy Tucker

I recently had a problem with audio files randomly disappearing. It wasn't all of the audio for a course usually, but certain files wouldn't encode right. When I looked in the Storyline output folder, the files would be listed but with a 1K size.

Here are a couple of things to try:

  1. Try saving to a different folder on your local computer.
  2. Try deleting the the temp files in your cache (See this thread for instructions).
  3. Try disabling your virus protection temporarily.

If none of those work, I'd recommend putting in a support ticket.

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