Randomised flashcard-like interactions which also capture user input

Hi, folks :)

I hope you are all well and have a chance to take a few minutes to tell me how nuts the following sounds: I would like to build a resource which:

  1. starts with a selection page (four drop-down menus which may all or a min of two be used by the learners)
  2. based on these selections, a series of flashcard-like pages is displayed in a random order, with formatted text + a textbox for the user to type their response on one side and the response + explanation + what the user typed on the reverse
  3. stores what the user typed in so that it is easy then to see all the responses submitted for flashcard 1, then flashcard 2, etc.

I know I want a lot... In your experience, can this be done with a combination of Articulate products and maybe something like SCORM or what would you do (besides deciding NOT to take on this project :))?

Many thanks in advance,
Dragoș :)

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Sarah Hodge

Hi Dragos and welcome to the E-Learning Heroes community! 🙂 If you were to create something like this in Storyline 360, you could create a menu that links to each flashcard scene. Then, use data-entry fields and variable references to capture their input and display it later. Here's an example I created with a similar concept. I used multiple text entry boxes and displayed their typed responses using variable references at the end. Of course, the design would be different for flashcards, but maybe looking at how this is set up might help.