Rapid Fire Questions (and leaderboard)

Jun 22, 2016

Hey all, I thought I'd share some work we've done to create rapid fire questions for use in elearning. We've done this fairly recently for one of our clients who loved it, so I thought I'd put together a little demo to show what you can do with Storyline.

Here is our blog article which explains a bit more about the rapid fire questions.

Rapid Fire Questions

We have created a demo which has 8 questions (all about our Solar System). You have to answer them within 15 seconds, and the quicker you answer them correctly the higher your score.

What's really nice is the way the questions flow in and out as you complete them.

Rapid Fire Questions


We've got a leaderboard at the end so you can see how your score matches against other people's but I've not been able to get it to work on smartphones and tablets yet, but if you are doing it using that device, you'll see your score anyway.

Have a go

Here's a link to have a go at the elearning rapid fire questions:

Rapid Fire Quiz Questions

How this was built

I'll put together a blog at some point, but if you've any specific questions, I can explain how we did it. I can't share the .story file at this stage, but hope to be able to do so once it's finished.

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Ryan O'Connell

Hey Donna,

Glad you liked it! I'll definitely be posting information about how we did this, once it's written up, but yes, currently it goes to a public website since we wanted to share the work and the results, but it's easier to limit the access to the leaderboard when the elearning sits on an LMS.

Feel free to contact me directly, you can send me a message via here and I'll be glad to help out, and of course, I'll answer any questions on here about how we did this.

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