Gamification and a Learning Series

I am trying to create a leaderboard that can be hosted on my companies intranet that will automatically update when a user completes the eLearning. 

This is going to be an 8 part learning series and it will span over 16 weeks. The learner will get a new eLearning every two weeks. They will research their manual and answer questions in the eLearning for each question they get right they will get 10 points. At the end of the eLearning the will be directed to the project's blog page where to check the Leaderboard. On this page, they can also read about the initiative and ask questions if they have them. 

The problem is I can not figure out how to get the eLearnings to communicate with the leaderboard. I have created a leaderboard widget in Stencil by Cluelabs, but cannot get it to work. 

Any suggestions would be appreciated! 


Thank you! 

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Devlin Peck

Hi Matthew! You mention that the eLearning will be hosted on your company's intranet...does this mean that it will be hosted on an LMS? If not, you will likely need to use xAPI (or the Google Sheets API) to store the data that you need.

Once the data is being generated and stored somewhere, you need to pull that data to the webpage where you're displaying the leaderboard.


Step 1: Add code as needed to collect the data somewhere

Step 2: Pull that data into a webpage (or web app) and sort / display the data as desired

Happy to answer any follow up questions!