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Jul 18, 2016

Hi all, 

I've recently been giving the exciting (well, to me anyway) task of re-branding corporate compliance for my company. The current content is somewhat stagnant e-learning (mostly vendor-designed courses in Storyline), but I'm also looking at drastically changing how the courses are delivered and changing up how we refer to/communicate compliance topics in the first place. I have a few questions and some ideas I'd like to bring to the e-learning hive mind:

1. Do you have any contractors/vendors for e-learning design that have produced positive results for your organization (driven positive change/met or made progress towards a business goal)? If so, please share! (PM me if that's easier)

2. If you handle compliance training programs, do you have any tips or experiences to share regarding user acceptance/engagement? 

3. I'm in a highly regulated industry (commercial aviation) and we deal with so many laws and regulatory agencies that compliance training often gets lost in the high volume of training our employees are required to take. How do you make compliance training stand out at your company? 

Thanks all! 

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Christine Hounsham

Hi Leigh, We have recently rolled out six compliance modules at my work, in a fairly similar industry situation - high compliance, large volume of training, large staff numbers.   

Of the six courses the one that has gotten the best feedback, is one that we massaged a bit as it was initially quite large.  In the end we broke this course into six small units, which include a variety of 'Test Your Knowledge' activities (mainly picture based quizzes).  Given the feedback, this course has re-enforced to me that learners, regardless of the compliance/complexity of the material and education of the participants, enjoy bite size, interactive, animated training (where it all possible, and granted not always an easy task).

Regards Christine

Judy Nollet

I produce compliance courses for the medical-device industry (also highly regulated). It's often difficult to get beyond the language required by the legal folks. I have spiced up some courses by including short "selfie" videos of employees. For example, we asked people to complete the sentence, "Because I care about Quality, I ..." The quality of phone-shot videos is good-to-excellent nowadays. We got some wonderful responses, edited them into different segments, and interspersed them throughout the course. Based on the feedback, people liked them because they recognized the videos were real people saying real (i.e., not scripted) things. 

Vicky Romero

Hi Leigh, I’ve been developing compliance training for many years in the heavily regulated US Air Force and transportation industry. A unique approach that I used to revamp a 2-year compliance curriculum for a transportation company involved personal videos of tenured employees speaking about their ‘journey’ and how critical it is to be compliant. I also designed scenario-based e-learning courses with valid assessments that were a huge hit with employees. The result was highly contextual training which are memorable because of the use of storytelling techniques.


Deepak G

Hi Leigh,

I am reposting my answer from other question as it seems perfect here. Feel free to get in touch with me if you need anything else.

The key here is to manage the content in a better way and add interactions which will make it interesting.

There are 2 ways you can do this.

1. Serious Games

Games always work in this case. We developed one such game for Compliance Training for one of the Fortune 500 companies. It was a Obstacle course where the objective was to reach to the top of the mountain. There were hurdles on the route and the person had to overcome this by answering questions. Each hurdle was about a particular topic like Bribery, Gifting, etc.

The problem is you need tech knowledge as well as this require coding. No tool is equipped to develop such a full-fledged game.

2. Storytelling

This is another technique which you can use.

Create a story around the topic. Like a case study. Present a situation and add a game after it. or hide clues which the person has to uncover by answering questions correctly. 

This could be created using any elearning tool. We typically use QuoDeck for this.

Hope this helps!

Doug Nelson

We asked people to complete the sentence, "Because I care about Quality, I ..."

I love how this activity incorporates authentic voices into the learning program. It inspired me to think about how we could ask learners to reflect on a learning program after going through it, add those thoughts to the program itself, and build the authenticity of the program through their contributions. Thanks!

Leigh S

Thank you everyone for your ideas! Definitely seeing a trend towards personalizing the content, which I would love to do more of... however budget constraints might prevent me from personalizing more than 1 or 2 of the courses for my industry (aviation). It does give me ideas for what to look for in off the shelf content, and definitely gives me ideas for our code of conduct! 

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