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Dec 04, 2018

Hi Heroes!

I'm looking for a translation company. I have videos that will need to be translated with subtitles added. There is also slide text and workbooks that need translation from English to Spanish. I'm looking for more information about turn-key solution (english storyline course to spanish storyline course) or translation of videos and text and I do the storyline development. Please let me know if you can recommend someone or a company. If you do this work, feel free to contact me as well. Thanks!



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Cody Broderick

Julie, hi. My name is Cody Broderick. I am the Founder & CEO at inWhatLanguage. We specialize in exactly what you describe and are disrupting the way translation and media work together. Both Walmart and Subway signed with us for their training content immediately after seeing our technology. Have a look at this video and please let me know if we can help. You can reach me directly at or 8019535800.



Iris Susman

Hi Julie, 

My name is Iris Susman and I am a Senior Localization Consultant at Net-Translators.

Net-Translators is one of the leading translation companies specializing in software localization, including GUI, online help, documentation, website globalization and multilingual testing in over 60 languages. We supply services to large multinational software companies. We maintain branches in the US, the UK, Argentina and Israel. Net-Translators has been ranked No. 1 in Translation Services by TopTenREVIEWS™ for four years running. 

We have a lots of experience with Voice over and audio localization including sub titles and Storyline.  

Feel free to contact me for more information. 


Iris Susman|Senior Localization Consultant |Net-Translators|

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