Recommend: Articulate Online or LMS

Hi all,

When we purchased Articulate Storyline, I wasn't aware that scoring and tracking are only functional when the project is uploaded to an LMS or AO.

Now I have to go back to ask for more money and want to make sure I have all the facts.

I looked at the tutorial for publishing Storyline, but still have a few questions.

Is the LMS or AO the last add-on I will need? Or will I have to ask for more money later? :{

Which do you recommend? Why?

If you prefer an LMS, do you have a favorite? Why?

Will probably have as many as 100 courses eventually, can AO handle that load?

Sorry, I know I'm asking a lot. Please point me to any previous discussions that cover this information.



PS I also posted this on Articulate Storyline forum

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Annika Brown

Hi Judith,

With Articulate Storyline we create SCORM packages from our presentations and video trainings and further upload them to our LMS. We use the JoomlaLMS solution and are pretty happy with it. It supports SCORM 1.2 and 2004 (1 and 2 editions) formats. Moreover, the license price doesn't depend on the amount of courses you are going to create, but on the number of learners you are going to teach (the same learner enrolled in several courses is still considered as one learner by license).

You can check here for details:  

Good luck in your research!