Recommendations for production workers and machine competency courses

Jul 23, 2019

Hi, folks. I'd appreciate any input on this subject.

We recently moved to a new LMS and are bringing more departments on board. Our production group wants to make courses for about 80 machine competency modules. I'm finding this more than a little daunting, and I think it's going to be cumbersome for the admin and very boring for the learner.

So far what we've got in a (Rise) course is three sections: theory, practice and demonstration. There will be links to the resource documents housed outside of the LMS. Here's an example:

For one job, someone might need to take 8 courses to check out on 8 machines before they can be on their own. Another job might be 10 other machines. It seems very cumbersome to have to enroll someone in 8 courses when the course is just a couple checklists with links. I'm trying to get the SMEs to at least group these together into "tracks" so there's less for the admin to manage and maybe less confusing to the learner.

I think my bottom line is this doesn't feel like a course. It feels like they're using the LMS in lieu of manual tracking of completion of these steps. I suppose that's fine, but it's tripling the size of my content for a small department. I don't know why, but that concerns me.

Any thoughts are appreciated. Thank you!

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Dave Goodman

Hi Cheryl    , as a learner, I would get very bored very quickly with the approach that your company is suggesting. This is way too tedious. Can you take a single machine and make it into a course with an open navigation/Menu for specific certification requirements. The learner will only take those lesson/topics required. You can insert a link at the end of the required topics that link back to the LMS for a "completion" or a quick assessment for the certification. If you could cluster the certification topics within a single machine, then you could become creative and create situations/problems/equipment discoveries as the overarching course design which would insert some excitement. Thinking longer term, you could then move into a course that had some 360 views of the equipment (or early AR components) which could further enhance the learning. In simple terms, (1) cluster the topics into a small number of courses, (2) help the learner to take only those topics that are necessary and (3) insert some discovery into your learning rather than forcing a step by step rote training. Good luck - ping me offline if you wish to chat.

Cheryl Hoover

Thank you so much for your feedback, David. I've only seen a sampling of the material so I don't know how many checkpoints there are per machine, but I really like that idea. I'll have to play around with how I could set this up in my LMS  as well. I really appreciate you putting the time in to think about it. Thanks!

Dave Goodman

take a look at this snippet of equipment training

It's equipment with about 30 image frames placed onto a slider in SL360. As you move through it, you can place a hot spot on any area and then place your training topics within that location. Just an idea for you. Caio.


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