Recommendations: New flipbook software?

Aug 02, 2013

Hello Heroes,

We have used, and recommended KviSoft's Flipbook Maker to convert PDFs into flipping Flash magazines. But a recent change in the company firewall will no longer allow the software to "phone home", rendering it permanently in demo mode.

So... anyone have recommendations for flipbook software with these criteria?

  • Primarily used for stand alone (exe of swf) file creation of Flash-based pdfs
  • Must be able to embed video files (not just link to YouTube)
  • Must be able to run on destktop
  • Not freeware/shareware as some of our users will need support

Also, does anyone have specific feedback on these guys who seem to fit the above?


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Bob S

Hi Steve,

Thanks for the link. Lots of interesting tools there.

For the record, I should have stated that we need a flipbook maker that converts pdfs directly (ie no coding/xml involved) because many of the users do not wear a developer hat.

In any case, I have another great resource now for cool, cheap e-tools. Thanks!

Bob S

As I understand it, the KviSoft software needs to communicate somehow with Kvisoft to operate. A change in our corporate firewall policy rendered it permanently in demo mode and neither the limited tech support offered nor our internal IT folks (better than many I've seen) could figure out a solution after several weeks of trying.

In the end, even though we liked what it did (especially for the price), we had to walk away and go with a more expensive, but better supported, software solution.

stephanic taylor


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